Review: TIGHTROPE by Gillian Cross

Gillian Cross
432 pages
Publisher: Holiday House/Puffin
Release Date: October 1st 1999
Source: Borrowed from Library
Rating: LIKED

When she begins receiving bizarre threatening messages from someone who seems to know her every move, teenage Ashley, after seeking help from the neighborhood tough guy, comes to realize that she alone can end the stalker’s reign of terror.

Eddie Beale is the coolest guy on the Row. He looks after you, for a price. Ashley is the perfect child, well almost. She’s shy, well-behaved, looks after her invalid mother, and takes care of their shabby home. But she has a secret, something that goes on at night. A secret only her best friend Vikki knows about, but not for long.

Ashley is being stalked, and whoever it is, claims to know her secret. With the help of Eddie and his gang, Ashley learns the identity of her stalker – or thinks she does. Is Eddie really “helping” her? Or is he using her to get revenge? One thing’s for certain, Ashley can never trust anyone, not even her best friend, with her deepest secrets.

Usually when I go to the library, I head for the new books, or check out the popular ones. Especially with the supernatural book craze going around, meaningful books like Tightrope by Gillian Cross can easily be overlooked. If you’re looking for a change, pick up Tightrope and read away!

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September 2, 2010