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Interview with Beth Revis — Author of Across the Universe

Posted by on January 6, 2011

The 2011 Debut Author Challenge is the first challenge I’m participating in. Along with reading many YA debuts, I also have some debut author interviews in store. 

Yesterday, I flipped over the last page of Across the Universe. IT WAS AWESOME! Trust me when I say: there is nothing like Across the Universe in the vast YA genre. But you can read more about Across the Universe in my review, right now, its time to learn more about the author behind the book :)

Beth RevisIceyBooks: Describe Across the Universe in 7 words.
Beth Revis: Murder mystery in space…now with romance!

IB: Has writing been your dream since you were younger?

BR: Absolutely. I remember writing short stories when I was very young, or writing new chapters to books I didn’t want to end. I never thought I could make a living off of it, so instead I got my teaching degree and worked as a high school English teacher for six years before I could make it as a writer.

IB: If you were a character in Across the Universe, who would you be?

BR: I think I might be Victria, a minor character. I don’t have my main characters leadership or courage–I’d be in the background, writing about everything that has happened.

IB: What’s your favorite color? Favorite food?
BR: My favorite color is…gray. What a disappointing answer! Everyone picks something bright or pretty, but I’ve always loved gray. My favorite food would be anything Italian–I adore pasta, especially homemade.

IB: Do you have a hobby (besides reading and writing)? If so, tell us a little bit about it.

BR: I love to travel! I like going new places, blending in with locals. I’ve been to *nearly* every state in America (those Canadian bordering states are alluding me) and many countries in Europe. I’d like to visit Asia before I die.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me and my readers a little about yourself, Ms Revis! Across the Universe will be released on 1/11/11, be sure to pick up a copy when it comes out. Its an unputdownable, unique debut that you just can’t miss!

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  1. I think that gray is actually a pretty beautiful color…I wear it a lot, but usually will pair it with another color. But, I'm a brooding English teacher so gray and black go with the persona I'm trying to create!

    Thanks for the interview–I've ordered two copies of this book already because I can't wait to read it! I hope at least one will come quickly!

  2. Cool interview, i've got an ARC copy of this that was sent to our librarians who passed it on to me. Can't wait to read it, heard so many good things about this. :D

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