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Review: THE WAY OF THE SWORD by Chris Bradford

Posted by on January 30, 2011
The Way of the Sword (Young Samurai, #2) 
Chris Bradford
379 pages
Publisher: Hyperion
Release Date: June 1st, 2009
Source: Library
Rating:  LOVED

JAPAN 1612.

One year of training in samurai school and Jack is in real trouble… He’s struggling to prepare for the Circle of Three, an ancient ritual that tests courage, skill and spirit to the limit. At the same time, Jack is caught in a running battle with fellow student Kazuki and his gang.

But these are the least of Jack’s problems. He knows his deadly rival – the ninja Dragon Eye – could strike at any moment. Jack possesses the very thing he will kill for. Can Jack master the Way of the Sword in time to survive a fight to the death?

After a vicious ninja attack left him orphaned and stranded in Japan, Jack Fletcher managed to complete his first year of samurai school. Still, his troubles are far from over. The prejudice of his Japanese classmates has gained him dangerous enemies within his school, and Dragon Eye — the ninja who killed his father — is still after him. Jack’s only hope of defeating them lies in surviving the Circle of Three: an ancient ritual that tests a samurai’s courage, skill, and spirit to the limit. For most, gaining entry into the Circle means honor and glory, but for Jack it’s a matter of life or death.

The winner will be trained in the Two Heavens — the formidable sword technique of the great samurai, Masamoto. Learning this secret is the only hope Jack has of protecting his father’s rutter — the invaluable navigation guide of the world’s uncharted oceans — from Dragon Eye. Forced into a deadly battle, Jack’s going to have to master the Way of the Sword. And his time is running out.

The Way of the Sword was fantastic, and author Chris Bradford has yet again, written a flawless book. Most of the time, books will have some good things about them, but they will almost always have a few bad things too. But in The Way of the Sword there were all these good things but absolutely no bad things! It has action, adventure, and everything else a good book must have. The book is great for both boys and girls, and almost any age will love it.

After I read the first book in the series, The Way of the Warrior, I immediately saw how great it was and wrote a five-star review for it. The second is even better since Bradford raises the stakes for Jack. And if I could, I would give the book plus five stars, but I’m stuck with giving it a plain old five! I can’t wait to read the third book, The Way of the Dragon, when it comes to the US in February.

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This review was written by my 12 year old brother :) (aka Calidude)
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