Review: PLAGUE by Michael Grant

Plague (Gone, #4) 
Michael Grant
497 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: April 5th, 2011
Source: ARC for review
Rating:  LOVED

It’s been eight months since all the adults disappeared. GONE.

They’ve survived hunger. They’ve survived lies. But the stakes keep rising, and the dystopian horror keeps building. Yet despite the simmering unrest left behind by so many battles, power struggles, and angry divides, there is a momentary calm in Perdido Beach.

But enemies in the FAYZ don’t just fade away, and in the quiet, deadly things are stirring, mutating, and finding their way free. The Darkness has found its way into the mind of its Nemesis at last and is controlling it through a haze of delirium and confusion. A highly contagious, fatal illness spreads at an alarming rate. Sinister, predatory insects terrorize Perdido Beach. And Sam, Astrid, Diana, and Caine are plagued by a growing doubt that they’ll escape – or even survive – life in the FAYZ. With so much turmoil surrounding them, what desperate choices will they make when it comes to saving themselves and those they love?

   My reaction after I read the last line of Plague? I was speechless, is all I can say. All you need to know is that I am DYING to read the fifth book, when the fourth hasn’t even been released yet.

    But you need to know more, don’t you? Michael Grant’s writing style is unique in every way. Believe me when I put him right next to JK Rowling. He belongs there. And I mean it.

    For those of you who have read the first three books in the Gone series, you are well aware of the many different things happening at once. Every one and a half to two pages of so, we leave one character hanging from a cliff and run of to another. And its not just two of them. There are about four or five different things going on at once and in the end, everything ties together in one perfect ending. To me, that’s beyond words (as you can tell from my weak explanation). To me, that’s sheer genius.

    In the latest installment of the Gone series, Sam and the kids in the FAYZ are far from content. Water is scarce, a horrifying sickness is spreading, and mutilating, sickening bugs are hatching out of human bodies. That’s right, hatching out of the kids – and they can’t even feel a thing.

    Sam, with some of Perdido Beach’s best fighters, is sent to scout for water, while Astrid is contemplating murder, and Caine is living luxuriously on the island. But of course, this is the FAYZ, nothing lasts long.

    Heart pounding, thrilling, and all-around unputdownable, Plague is a masterpiece.

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April 3, 2011



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    April 4, 2011

    I am DYING to read Plague, it looks so good (and your review only makes me even more eager to read it!). Only one more day till it releases!

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    It's a Book Thing

    April 5, 2011

    The title makes me shiver I can't even type it! Great thank you!

    pop past the blog to say hi!

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    Michael Grant

    April 15, 2011

    Thanks for the lovely review. Less disease in FEAR and more of, well, a more psychological problem. Also lots of answers.

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    November 29, 2011

    I loved this installment as well!! I cannot wait for the next book. This series is just so addictive. As soon as I finished, I wish I had the next book on hand.

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    February 10, 2012

    Oh wow this series sounds great! I haven't gotten a chance to read this series yet but I always see them at the bookstore and I've heard great things about them. Thanks for the review I'm going to be reading these very soon :-)

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    Aida Odair

    January 20, 2013