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So I’ve Written a Book…

Posted by on May 13, 2011

A couple of months ago, I typed up the last line of my first work of fiction. Ultimately, I’ve decided to self-publish… not in print, in digital version.

Here’s the cover and a short synopsis:
Tikmia (The Tikmia Trilogy)

Seventeen year old Alia’s life on the seemingly-perfect island is shrouded by lies. Everything she’s loved has been taken away from her – even her memory.

Who killed her parents? Who’s taking the orphans she’s spent the past two years with?
Why does the man she despise resemble her so much? Who is he?

Her only source of happiness is her two sisters – she will do anything to keep them safe.

Until she fails. Until she is forced to choose. One sister will live, the other will die.

Alia and her sister find out everything is not as it seems. No one is who they say they are. Soon, they find out that they are part of something greater – an experiment that results in the creation of a new race. They look like us, but they are faster, stronger, and they feed on the raw flesh of animals.

And worse, the red-eyed Tikmia are intelligent and they have the ability to change shape at whim.

A devastating fire, a mysterious, mesmerizing creature, the colors Alia now sees – everything leads back to the Tikmia.

*I created a book trailer, but it was taking FOREVER to upload… Maybe I’ll upload it to YouTube or try something else.*
So until then. Trailer Coming Soon!

It’s available on Barnes & Noble for the nook and for the Kindle.

And to celebrate, I’m giving away one copy every three days for a MONTH!
So let’s do the math… that’s TEN lucky winners!


Do one (or all) of the following and leave me a comment with your email address plus links to whatever you’ve done and you’ll be entered to win!

+3 Tweet about TIKMIA, using the following tweet, or something similar:
@IceyBooks wrote a book! Read more about it here or & purchase your digital copy for just $2.99!

+3 Post something about TIKMIA on Facebook.

+2 Add TIKMIA to GoodReads.

What are you waiting for? Winner #1 will be announced on 5/17 (contest starts today – 5/13 and ends 5/16 at 11:59 PM)!

Any other publicity will be much appreciated! Thanks and good luck!

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  1. Wow, sounds fascinating! We're going to sample it for our Kindle. We would also love to hear more about your decision to self-publish, and what the process has been like for you. One of our group – Kristan Hoffman – self-published a novel-length web serial after it won a contest with St. Martin's Press, and it's been a great learning experience for her. (It's also available for Kindle on Amazon, and for the month of May it's only 99 cents!)

  2. Ohhh sounds REALLY intriguing! Thanks for the chance to win it. And I can't believe you wrote a whole book. Good for you!


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