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Review: DARK PARTIES by Sara Grant

Posted by on August 15, 2011
Dark Parties 
Dark Parties
Sara Grant
320 pages
Publisher: Little Brown
Release Date: August 3rd, 2011
Source: Hardcover from Author
Rating:  LIKED

Sixteen-year-old Neva has been trapped since birth. She was born and raised under the Protectosphere, in an isolated nation ruled by fear, lies, and xenophobia. A shield “protects” them from the outside world, but also locks the citizens inside. But there’s nothing left on the outside, ever since the world collapsed from violent warfare. Or so the government says…

Neva and her best friend Sanna believe the government is lying and stage a “dark party” to recruit members for their underground rebellion. But as Neva begins to uncover the truth, she realizes she must question everything she’s ever known, including the people she loves the most.

   I came across countless reviews for Dark Parties. Not all were very good. So when I cracked open my copy, I was a little intimidated.

    In the end, I loved it. As many of you know, I’m more of plot-person, but lately, I’ve been prone to lean towards characters and their development as well. Though I can’t say I liked Neva’s selfish character, the plot-person in me was wholly satisfied.

    Sara Grant weaves a dystopia tale with a fast-paced plot. I could see glimpses of Matched woven throughout the Grant’s debut, but that didn’t seem to take away from the originality of the story.

   The story revolves around Neva, a teenage girl living under the Protectosphere. She and the general public are taught there is no life outside the electrified dome. But Neva thinks otherwise. Where else do the Missing disappear to? The list of people, starting with her beloved grandmother, just keeps getting longer and longer. Are they dead?

    Being the daughter of the Minister of Ancient History has its horrors, and perks as well, as you’ll see. Dark Parties was enjoyable for me, though it might be a little difficult to get past Neva’s pretty selfish character. She does mature as the story progresses, however.

    All in all, from the very cover, I liked Dark Parties. I won’t say I loved it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to see what happens to Neva next.

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  1. I've been really intrigued by reviews of this one as well but reluctant for some reason to pick it up. I even have it waiting on my Nook. Great review–I'll have to keep this one towards the top of my reading pile. :-)

  2. I liked this one too, and I agree with you that Matched is a good comparison. I like these kind of dystopian books that make me think about the future. Wonder if there will be a sequel?

  3. The premise of this one has interested me ever since I first heard about it – glad you enjoyed it! I really like the characters to be well developed, but I'm also a plot-person too, so it's good to hear everything is okay on that front. Thanks for the great review!

  4. I'm definitely more of a character person which makes Neva sound a bit problematic for me, but I love the sound of the world and the premise so it might be strong enough that I can overlook the selfishness. Glad to know about her character up front though, thanks Hafsah!

  5. I read this one a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it as well. I felt the plot was interesting as were the characters. And just like you, I'm interested to see what happens to Neva next. Great review!

  6. I enjoyed the plot as well. There were some things that I wished for a bit more of as far as the character went, but mostly I really enjoyed the book. Glad you did too!

  7. I took a minute to figure out what you were talking about with the selfishness (it's been a while since I've read this one) but yeah, one of her decisions in particular was very off-putting. I really enjoyed this story though — great plot!

  8. Fantastic review, Hafsah. I've seen this one around a lot lately. I have to say that I'm completely intrigued and I can't wait to get it. I really like the cover too. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thank you! =D

  9. I have had this on my bookshelf for a while now but I keep putting it off. Your review makes me think I really need to get to this book so I can finally find out what it is all about!

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