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REintroducing IceyTween

Posted by on September 15, 2011

You’re watching You’ve Got James Patterson.

Did you watch that video? Is there a look of horror on you face right now? 
There should be. 

How can so many American children not read??

So here I am, little ol’ me, and I’m going to try to do something about it.
I’m not saying I’m planning on changing the world for good, it’s just a small idea I have – and I want to share it with everyone. 

You may have seen the occasional IceyTween post featuring my 11 year old sister’s reviews.

You may have also seen the form allowing other tweens to submit their reviews. However, the post had about ten views max, and that was it.

So I’m bringing it back.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the kickoff of the new IceyTween, where kids 13 and under can review books and enter for a prize. You could win a book that none of your friends have read, because the book hasn’t even been RELEASED yet! The best part? Your reviews will be featured right here on IceyBooks! Publishers will see it, your favorite authors will see it (and might even comment!), and you’ll have your name somewhere on the internet. Now that’s something to be proud of, eh?

So, what do you think? Will you/your sibling/child/student be participating?

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  1. Awesome idea Hafsah! I wasn't a big reader when I was younger outside what was required in school, and I think I could have only benefited from reading things that I actually enjoyed reading rather than just what was forced on me. Huge kudos to you for encouraging tweens to read and write and promoting them on your blog!

  2. What a terrific idea! I know many people who went from reluctant to avid readers, myself included. I even wrote a blog post about it. I really think there are a lot of misconceptions about reading particularly in only reading things for school. I hope you get more page views and submissions!

  3. I think this is a great idea and I'll tweet about it! I'll let my 11 year old nephew know too but he's not a big reader and I'm not sure he'd care. But you never know! I'll ask anyway :)

  4. Wow, what an amazing initiative you've taken on! I know I disliked reading when I was younger and could have used some encouragement. It was only when I read HP as a tween that I feel in love with reading.

  5. It's heartbreaking how many kids don't read. But take heart — my classroom bookshelf is in constant use! Though I do have plenty of kids tell me they hate to read, and I make it my goal to find at least one book that they'll love (hopefully more!).

    By showcasing their work, you're definitely helping inspire! When I feature a teen review, they're always so proud and usually want to do another review asap.
    Mary @ BookSwarm

  6. I love this idea! My daughter falls into the tween age group but she doesn't feel comfortable writing reviews yet. I'll mention it to her though :)
    Hope you get a great response and I look forward to reading the reviews!

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