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IceyPick (7.1) — Anna Dressed In Blood

Posted by on November 3, 2011
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Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna #1)

This month’s IceyPick is…
Publisher: TOR Teen

Want to participate?
1. Comment with your answer to this question:

If your dad was a ghost killer, would you follow in his footsteps?

2. Be sure to include your email address at the bottom of your comment
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As you can see, there is no ‘pre-reading’ requirement to be able to participate!
There will be more IceyPick fun next week, so be sure to participate to increase your chances of winning!

AND, remember, your answers give you an entry into Week 4’s Win it! This month, I have ONE hardcover copy of this awesome novel!

That’s right, one lucky winner will receive a shiny hardcover copy!

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  1. Heck no! What did those ghosts ever do to me? Nothing I tell you! If my dad wants to slaughter wandering souls for a living then he can go right on ahead, I will pray for him lol. But just remember… we all die one day, he could end up a ghost too!

    lol this was fun

  2. If my dad was a ghost killer, I'd MOST DEFINITELY follow in his footsteps! That sounds pretty awesome! Ghosts don't freak me out, unless they can do physical things to you like Anna can. *shudder*


  3. Um, no. I'm a wimp of epic proportions and would likely run screaming from anything that even remotely resembled a ghost never to return to where I saw said specter. Maybe if Cas was my partner I could work up a little backbone though, he's pretty delicious:)

  4. It depends on the ghost I was expected to kill! If it was a kindly old lady ghost, maybe an ex-librarian or something, I don't think I could! But if it was a nasty old poltergeist type of ghost, then hell yeah!! I guess I'd have to learn a little bit more about the job before I could be sure:)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  5. For me it depends if the ghost wants to be killed or if it's an evil ghost. If the ghost really wants to move on then I probably will kill it. If it's evil and going around scaring or killing people or something then I will also kill it ;)
    tweeted @v97_
    the tweet link is not showing :(


  6. If your dad was a ghost killer, would you follow in his footsteps?

    I don't think I would. Then again, never say never.


  7. If I thought ghosts actually existed, I would most likely follow in his footsteps since ghost hunting sounds more interesting then a regular day job.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! =)


  8. Well, I think it would depend a lot on my relationship to my father and if he'd included me in his ghost hunting. If he had, plus we had a good relationship, I probably would follow in his footsteps.

    sgcallaway at gmail dot com

  9. If my Dad had been a ghost hunter I probably would have followed in his footsteps because I had always been such a daddy's girl. :]

  10. Do you mean would I kill ghosts or would I become a ghost and kill living things?

    Hmm… yes to the first, but only if they were harming people and only yes to the second if I were brutally murdered and wanted to exact revenge on the person or persons who did it.


  11. No, I would not. That would just be too freaky for me. And that is assuming that growing up that way I would actually believe in ghosts. I would probably feel like I was disappointing my father, but not everything can be about what others want. Plus, a ghost would totally kick my butt.


    ilikethesebooksblog at

  12. Hmmm I don't know. I haven't read the book so I dint really know what that entails. It sounds kind of scary! But I like kicking butt and taking names so I say yes! :)


  13. I'd like to think I was the kind of person who would, but honestly I don't think I could stomach it for very long. Also, I have six younger brothers, and I'm sure at least one of them would be thrilled to hunt ghosts for a living. I'd be sure to send him tips and monetary support when he needed it, though!

  14. Hahaha, no way. As some others have said, A) I have nothing against ghosts. Why would I hunt them? and B) Just thinking about doing that freaks me out waaaay too much. No ghost hunting for me. Sorry, Dad!


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