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The Death of GFC: How RSS Can Help

Posted by on December 8, 2011

Google’s recent news release announcing the death of GFC for non-Blogger sites has left a lot of Blogger users worried – we’re all pretty sure its only a matter of time before GFC will be gone for good.

But, of course, all is not lost. Your readers can still get your latest posts delivered to them – via RSS or straight to their inbox.

Subscribe via Email – Allowing users to subscribe to your blog via email is easy. Create a free account on Feedburner and create a feed for your blog. It takes you step by step, and only takes about a minute for the whole thing.

Once you have your account set up, click on the publicize tab. On the column to your left, you’ll see a link for Email Subscriptions. Copy the code for your blog type and paste it in a widget on your blog. That’s all it takes to allow people to get your latest posts delivered straight to their inbox.

Subscribe via RSS – RSS seems like a tricky thing. I’ll even admit, I don’t understand the full workings around it. But its pretty easy to allow your readers to subscribe to your feeds. If you have a Feedburner account, and a feed for your blog ready, its pretty simple. Go to Feedburner, click on your feed (which, in my case would be IceyBooks), and click on the little grayed out RSS icon underneath your feed name:

That link should take you to a page much like this one, where users can subscribe to your RSS feeds using their preferred readers, XML, and even email.

Pretty easy, eh?

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  1. Very cool buttons!

    Also on Feedburner under the publicize tab, if you use the chicklet with the count and paste the code in a widget on your blog, when people click it they will be taken to the subscribe page, so to speak, for your blog where you can add it to google reader or whathaveyou.

  2. You are THE BEST, Hafsah! Sometimes I forget why I married you, but moments like these make me remember :) hahaha

    I have been freaking out over the GFC thing, and the RSS and Feed thing just went over my head. Thanks for breaking it down for an old woman like me.

  3. Sigh. As a non-Blogger blogger (hah!) I'm kind of bummed about GFC going away. Honestly though, I'd rather have people reading via RSS anyway–that's how I subscribe to the blogs I love. Thanks for the info! :)

  4. Thanks for making it all a little easier to understand…now if only someone would explain what in the world Google+ is and how the heck that all works! (hint, hint) (wink, wink)

  5. You should also point out- Anything followed via GFC already shows up in your Google Reader. Visit your blogger profile (need to do this for most recent ones to be seen in reader, for some reason), then go to

    And you can copy any blog into reader. Copy the blog URL, click the subscribe button in Google Reader, paste in url and hit enter.

    Feedburner irks me, because it has about 10 obscure sites, but doesn't do the add button for Google Reader.

    @Melissa, Google+ is an alternative to Facebook. Its easier to designate which people get to see what than FB is.

  6. Seems like I have my regular blogs I visit but I usually subscribe by email to my most favorites. At least then I know I can read their blog even if I can't get to a computer. I hate when I can't comment, but sometimes that's just life. I do sub your blog by email and read every post you put up!

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