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Review: A MILLION SUNS by Beth Revis

Posted by on January 16, 2012
A Million Suns (Across the Universe, #2) 
Beth Revis
390 pages
Publisher: Razorbill Books
Release Date: January 10th, 2012
Source: ARC from Publisher
Rating: LOVED

Godspeed was fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos.

It’s been three months since Amy was unplugged. The life she always knew is over. And everywhere she looks, she sees the walls of the spaceship Godspeed. But there may just be hope: Elder has assumed leadership of the ship. He’s finally free to enact his vision – no more Phydus, no more lies.

But when Elder discovers shocking news about the ship, he and Amy race to discover the truth behind life on Godspeed. They must work together to unlock a puzzle that was set in motion hundreds of years earlier, unable to fight the romance that’s growing between them and the chaos that threatens to tear them apart.

In book two of the Across the Universe trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Beth Revis mesmerizes us again with a brilliantly crafted mystery filled with action, suspense, romance, and deep philosophical questions. And this time it all builds to one mind-bending conclusion: They have to get off this ship.

   I’m not sure how to start this review, so I’ll start off with this: did you read my review of Across the Universe? Yeah, my thoughts are pretty similar to that. Or, if you want me to sum it up in one word, I could say: WOAH.

   A Million Suns takes off a few months where Across the Universe left off. Though this time, the people aboard Godspeed are stirring up a storm – with Elder and Amy smack down in the center. Amy, the freak with red hair, pale skin, and green eyes, sees threats everywhere – especially now that the people can think for themselves. Elder sees threats everywhere too – though they aren’t after him exactly, they’re after his position. They don’t see a sixteen year old as an able leader anymore, even if he was born for that job specifically.

   But there’s more to it now. Amy and Elder stumble upon a clue, that leads to another, and to another. Until they find out the secret that had been hidden for years. But the truth only leads them to more questions – why? Why was the truth hidden from them all for so long?

   Beth Revis stuns us again. With an unexpected storyline that will leave you breathless, A Million Suns is thrilling from page one. You won’t want to put it down, you won’t want it to end. You won’t know where the next twist will carry you and your surprised self away. With A Million Suns, not only is there an incredible plot with unpredictable twists and turns that will leave your mind reeling – there’s also philosophy. Meaning. Words that will make you think, as much as our protagonists.

   And in the end, Beth Revis ties every loose thread together, while at the same time, leaving you ecstatic for book three. So what are you waiting for? If you thought Across the Universe was unbelievable, just pick up A Million Suns. You won’t know what hit you.

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  1. Gosh, I love the cover and I'm so excited to read this one. Across the Universe was fantastic and it seems like A Million Suns can live up to the hype – even better according to your Review!

  2. I'm only on page 50 (I fell asleep last night) but I've already had at least four “WHAT THE HECK?!?!” moments with this one! I couldn't put it down (fell asleep reading, after a lack of sleep for three days.)

    Thanks for the great review! Makes me even more excited to pick it back up this aftern0on!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  3. “…unpredictable twists and turns that will leave your mind reeling – there's also philosophy. Meaning. Words that will make you think, as much as our protagonists. ”

    – Yes! Completely agree :)

    Fabulous review, Hafsah! So glad you loved this one too,

  4. Thanks for the review. I have been hearing a lot lately about Across the Universe and it is good to know that a second book is already here (hate hate hate a cliffhangerish ending or that feeling of needing more now LOL) I am torn as this is not my normal type of read, but I am an adventurous gal and think maybe I will have to broaden my horizons.

  5. I felt butterflies fluttering around in my stomach after reading your review, I'll feel the same way before I sit down to read A Million Suns. I'm so excited to read it, thanks for the review!

    Candace @ Lovey Dovey Books

  6. I still havent had a chance to pick up A million Suns, but I very much LOVED Across the Universe, so I can't wait to be back in Elder and Amy's world :) Thanks so much for sharing your review with us!

    Diana M.

  7. I couldn't agree more. Half way through I was like how is this book so good? I liked Across the Universe a good deal but after reading A Million Suns I loved them both! Excellent.

  8. This sounds interesting! I’m not really sure how I feel about science fiction. It’s not my favorite genre but this sounds good. I will have to pick it up and see how I feel. :D

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