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#SS – Interview with FRACTURE author Megan Miranda

Posted by on January 13, 2012

If you missed my introductory post on the Standalone Spotlight feature, go here.
For those of who have already read the post – you’ll know that FRACTURE is my Standalone Spotlight for the month of January! And today, I’ve invited Megan Miranda herself over to the blog!

Megan MirandaIceyBooks: Where did you find the inspiration for FRACTURE?

Megan Miranda: Writing Fracture was my outlet for a lot of questions I’d had in the back of my mind for a while. I have a background in science, but I was always drawn to the mysteries—the things that didn’t seem to follow the rules, or to the things science couldn’t explain yet. I wondered how much of us, and of our brains, was determined by DNA, and how much was something more. I wondered why some people who were supposed to live, died—and why some people who were supposed to die, lived. I don’t have any answers, but the questions inspired me to write. I guess it’s my way of trying to make sense of things.

IceyBooks: Did you ever think you’d be able to get published?

Megan Miranda: Interesting question… yes, I knew it was a long shot. I think we all know it’s a long shot. On the flip side, I wouldn’t have spent the time researching agents and writing query letters and sending my manuscript out into cyberspace if I didn’t think there was a possibility I’d be able to get published. It’s not that I thought I would, but I definitely thought I could. Secretly, I think we’re all optimists.

IceyBooks: When did you decide you were going to be a writer?

Megan Miranda: Oh, I thought I’d be a writer (among other things) when I was growing up. But I unintentionally abandoned it after high school when I pursued science as a career. I was under the assumption I could only pick one thing to study, so I picked. I really do love science—I guess I assumed I’d just keep writing right alongside it. Only….I didn’t. Life happened. No regrets, but I went many years doing things other than writing. I missed writing. It wasn’t until I had changed careers and eventually stopped working to stay home with my kids that I took it back up again in a serious way.

IceyBooks: What is your favorite part of nature? The trees, the wind, the earth itself, etc..

Megan Miranda: My parents’ idea of vacation when I was growing up was to go hiking. By the time I moved out, I felt like I had hiked up every mountain in the northeast. Some, more than once. I used to complain about it, mostly because I was a teenager and my parents were waking me up at 6am on vacation—but truth is, I loved it. I think because of that, I’ll always be drawn to the mountains.

IceyBooks: In a YA world full of trilogies, was FRACTURE purposely made a standalone, or was it unintentional?
FractureMegan Miranda: I didn’t think to myself, “I’m going to write a standalone,” but I didn’t think, “I’m going to write a series,” or “I’m going to write a trilogy” either. It’s just the way I see stories. Also, for me, the part I love the most about writing is developing characters and relationships, and I like to start fresh with each story. I guess it’s a personal preference. I’m drawn to standalones.

IceyBooks: Did you have any say in how the cover turned out?
Megan Miranda: Yes and no. I was definitely given the opportunity to provide input….except I didn’t have any. Seriously. When this cover concept showed up in my inbox, all I could think was HOLY CRAP, YES. Which was pretty much my response. I wasn’t involved, but I think it’s the perfect cover for the story.

IceyBooks: Can you tell us how you signed with your agent?

Megan Miranda: I’m probably a bad example, because I think I queried too soon. Like two drafts too soon. I spent a lot of time researching agents who I thought would be a good fit for both me and my writing and who seemed to be looking for the type of book I was writing. I think I targeted them well. Several were interested, though they felt I had a bit of work to do still (truth: I did). I signed with Sarah Davies (an amazing agent and a great match for me, both personally and professionally), and I rewrote (twice) over the course of 6 months before Fracture went out on submission to publishers.

FRACTURE on Goodreads | Find Megan on Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Stay tuned for more Standalone Spotlight fun!

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  1. Haha, I have a similar relationship with nature. My parents always dragged me out to camp with them, and I hated it, but I secretly loved it. :P
    (Though we usually went to the desert or a National Park. No mountains, sadly.)
    I love the cover for Fracture, too; it really reflects the story!
    Thanks for the interview! :)

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