New on My Shelves (78) — Hearts, Dark Stars, False Memory, and 1000 Times

New on My Shelves will be the replacement of In My Mailbox on my blog.
Pretty much the same, just a new name!

For Review:
Purity by Jackson Pearce
The Queen’s Lady by Eve Edwards
Cross My Heart by Sasha Gould
The Deserter by Peadar O Guilin
After by Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling, and more

Anything But Ordinary by Lara Avery
Dark Star by Bethany Frenette
The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
False Memory by Dan Krokos
Break My Heart 1000 Times by Daniel Waters
A World Away by Nancy Grossman

Thanks to Little Brown, DisneyHyperion and RandomHouse! 
So… what’s new on your shelves this week?


Hafsah Faizal is a YA author, designer, and blogger. Her designs have graced the sites of New York Times bestselling authors, bloggers, and more. She resides in Texas, with her family.



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    ashelynn hetland

    April 29, 2012

    oh I'm incredible jealous that you have False Memory! that is one I've been dying to read. I heart science fiction and this one sounds like my kind of book. :)

    enjoy them all, dear! <3

    my book haul post.

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    April 29, 2012

    So many pretty ARCS lol! Break My Heart 1000 Times looks really good! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week! Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

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    April 29, 2012

    what a fantastic week for you! I am looking forward to your review of After! You can hear my news on
    The Sunday Post

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    Cass (Words on Paper)

    April 29, 2012

    You got some amazing books this week! I'm really looking forward to The Darkest Minds. Happy reading!

    See what I got! I'm no longer doing IMM, but I'm still doing book hauls.

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    Little Miss Becky

    April 29, 2012

    You got the Random House haul! :D I got it, too, and I'm excited to read Cross My Heart! Ooo, Darkest Minds—nice! Can't wait to hear how it is!

    Here's my haul for this week!

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    April 29, 2012

    OOOooo lots of interesting books this week. I hadn't heard of a lot of these. Break My Heart 1,000 Times is a great title. Happy Reading!

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    April 29, 2012

    Awesome books!! Purity sounds really good and Break my Heart 1,000 Times sounds really good too. I am doing a basic weekly recap on my blog.
    Weekly Recap

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    April 29, 2012

    wow you got the darkest minds :) Great mailbox this week , and so not jealous

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    Karin Perry

    April 29, 2012

    I LOVE DANIEL WATERS. 1000 Times is very good.

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    Meg Potterjay

    April 29, 2012

    You got THE DESERTER and PURITY!!! :D All the others look pretty cool (from what little of the cover I can see, heh). Hope you enjoy all your books!

    My Showcase Sunday (a replacement for IMM as well.)

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    April 29, 2012

    Great haul Hafsah, hope you enjoy all of them. x<3


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    Beatriz Lins

    April 29, 2012

    Great books! I hope you enjoy them all! :D

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    April 29, 2012

    I haven't heard of most of those books, so I'm definitely going to be looking them up on Goodreads! They sounds really great actually. Cross My Heart is one that I already have on my TBR- it sounds so good! I'm looking forward to what you think about it.

    Awesome haul! Happy reading. =)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life [My Book Haul]

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    Kathy Martin

    April 29, 2012

    Great collection. I'll look forward to hearing what you think about these. I do two new books posts each week. I showcase my new YA and Middle Grade books at Ms. Martin Teaches Media. I spotlight new adult books at Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

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    April 29, 2012

    Haven't heard most of these books yet, I'll have to check them out! :) Hope you'll enjoy your books!

    Happy reading!
    Pam | jelly loves books

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    Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    April 29, 2012

    Holy pretty pile of books! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Purity, I've only read Sisters Red by the author, but I really liked it. However, not sure Purity is my kind of book.

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    Mag @ Geek Chic

    April 29, 2012

    I haven't read any of these, but I hope you enjoy!

    My IMM/Books I got this week/Whatever you want to call it ;)

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    April 29, 2012

    False Memory and Cross my Heart sound really good! Enjoy all your new books! :)

    You can see what books I got Here!!

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    margie c {the bumble girl}

    April 29, 2012

    How have I not heard of any of these except for Purity! I am looking forward to reading Purity too, the cover and it's color is so pretty! I've got some homework to do from your list today, thanks :)

    Here's mine:

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    Book Sake

    April 29, 2012

    Purity by Jackson Pearce looks good to me!

    – Jessica @ Book Sake

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    Marmaladelibby (aka Ange)

    April 29, 2012

    Holy moly…the only one I've heard of is Purity…I have to check out these new titles! Good shelf! Here's Our Week in Books @Libby Blog! Happy reading!

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    Cassie Frye

    April 29, 2012

    WOW! You got The Darkest Minds?! JEALOUS. haha. Great haul of books here. Congrats and happy reading.

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    April 29, 2012

    I'm super excited for Darkest Minds as I really loved Brightly Woven! Can't wait to hear what you think!

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    Tiffany Mahaffy

    April 29, 2012

    Wow great books this week!!! Darkest Minds looks awesome!! If you have a moment you can see what I got this week HERE

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    Addie R.

    April 30, 2012

    Great books this week! I'm really excited to read Darkest Minds, Anything but Ordinary & False Memory! The rest I haven't heard of, but they all look intersting on Goodreads!

    My IMM

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    Sierra Abrams

    April 30, 2012

    Ooooooooooooooooooohhhh funnnn books!! :D And a great new name for a great new meme! :D

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    April 30, 2012

    Doesn't copying another's meme without crediting them make you a plagiarizer?

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    April 30, 2012

    Wow! Great book haul this week! I'm really jealous of all the awesome books you got for review. I haven't heard of some of them, but I'm sure I'll be adding them to my wishlist!! Happy reading!

    Stacking the Shelves

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    Katie @ BlookGirl

    April 30, 2012

    What a fabulous haul this week, as always :-) I am really interested to hear what you think about The Queen's Lady. I love historical fiction! I'd go check out the other books, but GR is down >.< I hope you enjoy all your lovelies <333 Mission: Acquired –