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Win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. Because Abnegation Rules.

Posted by on April 2, 2012

Help us lead our faction to victory by spreading the word and driving traffic to our news site.

The way to victory is simple. The faction with the most traffic clicking through to their news site during the month of April via their link wins. For entries to count they must be done through this link.

More information can be found on our Faction Leader’s site.

So join us on Team Abnegation. We are the selfless. In fact we are so “selfless” you will find a month filled with giveaways just for you.

Already up for grabs is an ARC of Insurgent:
Now we’re offering a $25 Gift card.

Some may say we are “buying” your support. We’d rather think of it as being selfless by giving something to you.
So come on and join Team Abnegation! We want you to be one of the selfless!
For more information on how you can support our Faction by joining our street team please go to:

We understand that some may not yet have fully mastered the trait of selflessness and may be wondering what’s in it for them. There are great prizes to be won for those who join the Team Abnegation Street Team and help promote Abnegation. Books, gift cards, free advertising and other perks are up for grabs for those who seek such treasures. So stop on by and learn how you can help Abnegation in their campaign for victory!

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  1. Yeah, Team Abnegation!! I love your choice of team name, too. I can definitely see that your are selfless and will visit your site in just one moment. Thanks for the gift card giveaway. What serious reader/blog visitor could do without it?!! I don't have a blog. I'm just a serious follower. I hope that's ok here.

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