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IceyTween Reviews: Freaky Fast Franky Joe by Lutricia Clifton

Posted by on May 8, 2012
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe 
Freaky Fast Franky Joe
Lutricia Clifton
248 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown
Release Date: April 1st, 2012
Source: ARC from ALA
Rating: LIKED

Twelve-year old Frankie Joe Huckaby can’t find anything good to say about Clearview, Illinois, where he must spend the next ten months living with a father he knows only through birthday cards, a stepmother he didn’t know existed, and four half brothers intent on making him the “Freak” of the town. But his mother is in jail, so he has no choice . . . or does he? Frankie Joe hatches a plan to escape back to Texas, but his planned escape is destroyed by a heartbreaking betrayal. He needs incredible resilience and the loving support of his new family to survive the devastating loss

   Eleven-year-old Frankie Joe Huckaby used to live a “normal” life with his mother. That’s until his mother was sent to jail. Now he must leave behind all his friends and go to Illinois to live with a father he barely knows, a step-mother and four half-brothers he didn’t even knew he had. The oldest half-brother is set on making Frankie Joe’s stay miserable. Deciding to run-away to his old trailer Frankie Joe is thinking up possible ways of how to get back home.

   I mostly read action and adventure books, so when I picked up a copy of Freaky Fast Franky Joe I wasn’t really expecting to like it, but it seems Lutricia Clifton had something in store for me! Frankie Joe is really sneaky with his plans on running away. The book has a lot of twist and turns in it, that goes to say about what happens in the end!

   I’d recommend this book for mostly guys who are looking for something different. I can say that the story can use a little touch up here and there, but apart from that it was good.

This review was written by my eleven year old sister, Asma!


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