Cover Reveal: WHITE LINES by Jennifer Banash + Excerpt, Interview, and G!veaway!

Today I’m excited to bring you the cover of WHITE LINES by Jennifer Banash. It’s a raw, gripping tale about one girl and her decision to take control of her own life. Read on for the cover, an interview, an excerpt, and a giveaway! The lovely people over at Penguin were generous enough to donate a copy of WHITE LINES, which hits shelves April 2013, to one lucky person!
Here’s the synopsis:

A gritty, atmospheric coming-of-age tale set in New York’s Lower East Side

Seventeen-year-old Cat is living every teenager’s dream—she has her own apartment on New York’s Lower East Side and at night she’s club kid royalty, guarding the velvet rope at some of the hottest clubs in the city. The night with its crazy, frenetic, high-inducing energy—the pulsing beat of the music, the radiant, joyful people and those seductive white lines that can ease all pain—is when Cat truly lives. But her daytime, when her real life occurs, is more nightmare than dream.

The sounds of the city grate against Cat’s nerves, she shrinks away from human touch, and can barely think the words “I love you” even when she feels them. Having spent years suffering her mother’s emotional and physical abuse, and abandoned by her father who’s found happiness in another woman, Cat is terrified and alone—unable to connect to anyone or anything. But then someone comes along who makes her want to stop escaping her life and actually live it, only she’ll need to summon the courage to confront her demons and take control of a life already spinning dangerously out of control. Both poignant and raw, White Lines is a gripping tale and the reader won’t want to look away.

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And now for the cover. The washed out colors bring out a hidden intensity, don’t you think?

Excited? Here’s an excerpt from chapter three.

But that’s not all! How about a glimpse at the author too? Jennifer was kind enough to answer a few questions for us today! Read on.

IceyBooks: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you decided to write WHITE LINES.

Jennifer Banash: I’m a YA author and teach 11th and 12th grade English at a private school here in Los Angeles. A few years ago, I was writing a series for Berkley Jam called THE ELITE, which was about a group of overprivileged kids living in NYC. The series touched on serious issues like cutting, adoption, parental neglect, and drug abuse, but in a lighter way than WHITE LINES. I knew I wanted to write something grittier, so when I finished the final book in the series, I did just that.

Jennifer BanashIceyBooks: WHITE LINES is described as ‘poignant’, ‘gripping’, and ‘raw’. When you began Cat’s story, did you set out to write such a story?

Jennifer Banash: Absolutely! I knew from the get-go that this book would be an emotionally intense ride, and I definitely crafted the narrative to reflect that. If fact, I was worried, for a time, about the novel being a it too raw to be considered YA, but I just kept going. I knew I had to be true to the characters I’d created, and the story I was writing–I couldn’t water it down.

IceyBooks: Does the cover for WHITE LINES do your novel justice? Does the model, the colors, and the intensity of the shot reflect WHITE LINES, in your opinion?

Jennifer Banash: Yes! I really adore the cover. Originally, I had wanted an all-white cover with no model on the front at all, but people talked me out of that pretty quickly! I worked closely with Putnam and my amazing editor, Stacey Barney, on the design. I wanted something that reflected the feel of the novel, and stayed true to its spirit, a design that was visually intense and arresting, and I think they gave me that–in spades!

IceyBooks: How does WHITE LINES relate to any of your other YA novels?

Jennifer Banash: I’ve always written about serious issues, but, as I mentioned above, in a more lighthearted way. WHITE LINES is much darker and grittier, but the same concerns have always run through my writing.

IceyBooks: Are you working on anything new in terms of writing? Can you give us a glimpse at it, if so?

Jennifer Banash: Right now I’m working on a new book, SILENT ALARM, about a school shooting in the Midwest, told from the shooter’s 16-year-old sister’s perspective. It will hopefully be out sometime in 2014.

And now, finally! For the giveaway! One lucky person will win a copy of WHITE LINES courtesy of Penguin!

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    Shae Carcar

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    I've just recently heard about this book, but absolutely love the summary! I don't think I've ever read a book like this one before so it sounds totally unique!

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

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    I love the model's fierce glare.

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    I've seen this one around recently and it sounds REALLY freaking good! So glad they are doing some early promotion so a few of us can give it a try!

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    Vegan YA Nerds

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    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! I am so excited about this book :)