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Rebellious: A Review of REBEL HEART by Moira Young PLUS Giveaway!

Posted by on October 22, 2012
Rebel Heart (Dust Lands, #2) REBEL HEART
Moira Young
432 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: October 30th, 2012
Source: Hardcover from Big Honcho Media
Rating: LOVED

Nothing is certain and no one is safe in the second book in the highly praised Dust Lands trilogy, which MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog called “better than The Hunger Games.”

It seemed so simple: Defeat the Tonton, rescue her kidnapped brother, Lugh, and then order would be restored to Saba’s world. Simplicity, however, has proved to be elusive. Now, Saba and her family travel west, headed for a better life and a longed-for reunion with Jack. But the fight for Lugh’s freedom has unleashed a new power in the dust lands, and a formidable new enemy is on the rise.

What is the truth about Jack? And how far will Saba go to get what she wants? In this much-anticipated follow-up to the riveting Blood Red Road, a fierce heroine finds herself at the crossroads of danger and destiny, betrayal and passion.

   The sequel to Moira Young’s fabulous debut, BLOOD RED ROAD, is just as incredible. Fans of dystopians, thrillers, and non-stop adventure – REBEL HEART delivers.

   REBEL HEART starts off simple enough – Saba and her gang have to head towards the Big Water and meet up with Jack. But Jack is no longer the Jack Saba knows. Lugh isn’t the twin Saba knew. And Saba… well, we see a different side of Saba in this fast-paced sequel – a softer side, a more vulnerable side, though the hard-headedness is still there.

   Moira Young’s second novel, thankfully, doesn’t suffer from the dreaded sequel-syndrome, though the story did start off slow. Very slow, with Saba seeing things that weren’t there. But soon, the plot got so complicated, I didn’t know who to root for, who to side with, and what would happen. I was thrown in the midst of chaos, running beside Saba as she fought off horrid head-collectors (yes, they collect human heads), wolf dogs, and the desires of her treacherous heart. Yes, REBEL HEART was rebellious.

   REBEL HEART took my emotions and scattered them everywhere. My heart broke for Tommo, for Jack, for Saba, for Lugh and even DeMalo. It pounded for Nero and Tracker and Maev. And when I flipped the last page, I just couldn’t believe what happened. My mind was spinning, reeling, pounding. What started off so simple became so complicated – I just couldn’t believe it.

   Just like with BLOOD RED ROAD, Moira Young ends REBEL HEART with enough loose threads to keep you anticipated, yet with enough closure to make it feel like a standalone. REBEL HEART was unputdownable, unbelievable, and perfect.

   Just read it.

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  1. Cannot wait to read Rebel Heart! So excited that this book doesn't suffer from the usual sequel woes. This book is probably going to make me feel all the feels. =)

  2. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! I've been wanting to read these books since I finished The Hunger Games books. I hope to win! Not only would I love to read them but I could give them to my boyfriend for Christmas (I lost my job last week so it would help out)… he's been wanting to read them too! Thank you for the chance to win these great books!

  3. ACK! I'm so excited for this! I loved Blood Red Road so it's great to hear that the sequel is also good. I'm glad it's got lots of action in it and picks up the pace.

  4. Thank you so much for this awesome review! I haven't read the first in the series, but I know from your review that it will be awesome:)

  5. thank you for the review, it makes me so excited to read this! ive heard nothing but good things about it! Plus i think they might be making this into a movie so i always like to read the book before i see the movie!

  6. Just finished blood red road. WOW!!! I couldn't put the book down.
    What a world Moira Young created.I can't wait to read the next book.

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