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Fun and Light: A Review of THE FRIDAY SOCIETY by Adrienne Kress

Posted by on November 23, 2012
The Friday Society 
Adrienne Kress
440 pages
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: December 6th, 2012
Source: ARC from Publisher

An action-packed tale of gowns, guys, guns –and the heroines who use them all.

Set in turn of the century London, The Friday Society follows the stories of three very intelligent and talented young women, all of whom are assistants to powerful men: Cora, lab assistant; Michiko, Japanese fight assistant; and Nellie, magician’s assistant. The three young women’s lives become inexorably intertwined after a chance meeting at a ball that ends with the discovery of a murdered mystery man.

It’s up to these three, in their own charming but bold way, to solve the murder–and the crimes they believe may be connected to it–without calling too much attention to themselves.

Set in the past but with a modern irreverent flare, this Steampunk whodunit introduces three unforgettable and very ladylike–well, relatively ladylike–heroines poised for more dangerous adventures.

   Adrienne Kress bursts onto the scene with THE FRIDAY SOCIETY – a wacky, witty tale filled with humor, steampunk, and murder. It’s more than just another steampunk, just another adventure, or just another murder mystery. THE FRIDAY SOCIETY is a breath of fresh air.

   THE FRIDAY SOCIETY had many things – including three very smart, very funny, and very talented girls – an inventor (Cora), a samurai (Michiko), and a magician’s apprentice (Nellie). What I loved the most was the incredibly fun writing style that made the words jump out of the page and made the murders seem real. Because with so much humor and wit, it’s hard to take such a book seriously.

   I love the cover, as it gives us a glimpse of the three girls – and I loved that each of them had their own uniqueness, despite being written by one author. One thing I did have a problem with (and you can tell I’m really trying to be picky) is that some of the dialogue and instances seemed a little too modern despite the historical setting. But it’s easy to ignore – trust me.

   All in all, THE FRIDAY SOCIETY is a fun light read that I would recommend to most anyone. Adrienne Kress does an excellent job with the plot, characterization, and pacing.

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  1. Nice review. It sounds like a lot of fun! And this is the first time I've ever actually LOOKED at the cover and noticed that there were THREE girls on it! Haha, my eyes always went to the girl in the middle because she's in the middle. Now I'm really interested! Any examples of those too-modern phrases that were said from time to time?

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