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THIRD LIE’S A CHARM Cover Reveal Contest

Posted by on January 8, 2013

The Liar Society Series has the best covers in my opinion. I love the stark black background and Kate’s colorful clothes (not to mention her awesome hair). So I’m stoked to offer you guys this awesome contest!

Tomorrow, I’ll be revealing the cover for the third book in the series, THIRD LIE’S A CHARM, by the sisters-turned-authors duo Lisa and Laura Roecker.

But today isn’t tomorrow and you have a chance to win a signed copy of THE LIES THAT BIND (Book 2) as well as the first three chapters of THIRD LIE’S A CHARM which NO ONE else in the world has read. Excited? Interested? Here’s how you enter.

Take a good look at the covers for THE LIAR SOCIETY and THE LIES THAT BIND:

The Liar Society (The Liar Society, #1)   The Lies That Bind (The Liar Society, #2)

Can you guess what color Kate’s hair will be in THIRD LIE’S A CHARM? Guess correctly (in the comments) and you’ll be entered to win the prizes mentioned above!

And be sure to come back tomorrow to check out the rock star cover for THIRD LIE’S A CHARM and see if YOU guessed correctly!

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