Story Saturday – Potions, Thievery, and Tapping

Hey guys! Yeah, I’m done with testing and shall now continue my story. Follow the previous posts (and/or read the story from the beginning) using this label if you’re interested :) 

It’s dark, with the exception of a few torches lined against the wall. My eyes take their time to adjust to the darkness. I move silently, listening for a patrolling teacher or guard.

I put my ear to my dorm door, but pull back when I remember that Faye isn’t in there, and if I don’t hurry, I may never see her again. The door opens quietly and I step into the darkness. My eyes linger on Faye’s vacant bed and I shudder at the emptiness that grasps my heart. Anger boils deep within me. The Keeper could have done something. Anything. But I am certain she just watched, like she always does.

I drop to my knees and open up the little compartment on the side of my bed. Rows of vials glitter in the moonlight, each one filled with a different potion, waiting to be picked up. I grab my satchel from my desk and carefully place the vials into my bag, making sure they wouldn’t break against each other. I pull a knife from under my pillow and slide it into the empty hoop on my belt, beside five more vials of potions.

I pull on my cloak, which hides the satchel and weapons. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I don’t have any of the advanced level potions. Only the teachers and older students have made them before. But to get into the King’s castle I’d have to use a Glamour potion. And Glamour potions were located with Ledan Anetha, the Beauty teacher.

I pull the hood around my face and look around the room one last time before stepping into the hall. My heart beats loud enough to wake up the dead and my own shadow makes me jump. I move swiftly down the hallway and stop in front of the Glamour class. I peek through the tiny window in the middle of the door. My heart leaps into my throat, my eye bulge out of my skull. Someone is moving towards the door. I duck behind a potted plant, praying for it to be big enough to cover me.

The door swings open and the Keeper steps out. My heartbeat quickens as she looks around, her head held high. I don’t even want to think of what would happen if I am caught. No one is allowed to leave Keridan or sneak around – and we all know the consequences. She turns and walks down the hallway, her shoes clicking against the tiled floor.

My breath shudders when I move over to the door and twist the handle. It’s locked. I consider using a potion but decide against it, better to save them for later. I pull a pin from my hair and turn it gently in the lock, praying that the Stealth teacher actually taught us something that worked. A soft click assures me that it works and the door swings open, a blast of cool air hits me in the face.

I feel bad about stealing, the guilt gnaws at my insides, like the termites I’ve seen in the crumbling corners of Keridan. But when Faye’s face pops into my mind, I crouch behind Ms. Anetha’s desk. The top drawer is filled with papers. The second one is empty vials and the third one holds pencils and tape. I jump to my feet and open the huge cabinet on the side, and sure enough, inside are a million little vials, all of them filled with potions swirling around in their bottles. There are labels underneath each of them in alphabetical order and I quickly sort through them.

I find the Glamour potion and stick it into my bag. I skim over the vials and end up taking five more. I pause when I hear voices from outside.

“Are you certain?” A female voice asks. A deep voice responds and I realize by the closeness of his voice that they are coming here. Now, my heart is threatening to burst free from my rib cage, I am certain they can hear it. I crawl beneath Ms. Athena’s desk, breath held, mouth clenched to stop my teeth from chattering.

The door opens with a soft swoosh and I peek through a tiny crack in the desk. Two pairs of legs come into view, but I can’t see who they belong to. The lights flicker on and my breath catches. I forgot to close the cabinet door.

“Ledan should know better than to leave her cabinets open.” The lady sniffs. My eyes widen as the man moves over to the desk. Darkness blocks my view and I shrink back. The lady mutters spells and I can hear the doors swing shut and chains binding them shut.

“The girl is not safe,” the man says. He shuffles the contents of Ms Athena’s desk above my head and I squeeze my eyes shut. Which girl are they talking about? Could it be me? Faye? Someone else entirely? I had to get out of here. What if they were hurting her? I open my satchel and look at the vials. My fingers closed around the lid of the Invisibility one.

As much as I want to hear what they’re saying, I need to get out of here, before anyone notices my empty room. I unscrew the bottle and bring it to my lips, tipping it back. The taste of peach fills my mouth and I cap the bottle and put it away. You only needed a little of a potion for it to work, so the bottle is still full. Every potion has an added flavor, so the normally bitter liquid is sweetened. I hold my hands in front of my face, desperately waiting for them to disappear.

I watch as my hands vanish before my eyes and push out under the table and stand. A man with dark, scraggly hair leans against Ms Athena’s desk. A lady with blonde hair tied in a neat bun, sits at a student’s desk.

“She is dangerous. I fear that she is the one who will save us. But so much power? She’s not even in control Etran.” The lady says as I make my way to the door. She stops and tilts her head.

“Do you feel that?” The man, Etran, asks. The lady nods and I’m afraid that they have sensed the magic I use. The teachers always boast that can tell if magic was at work. And well, it seems like I’m going to find out if that’s true soon enough.

A sharp thud against the window makes them freeze, and I inch closer to the now-open door. Another thud, and this time I look back, watching in horror, as a spider web of cracks appear on the window, slowly growing larger. Etran curses and the lady pulls two pins from her hair, her bun unraveling into soft waves falling down her back.

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