Story Saturday – Dun Dun Dun Dah

Hey guys! Me again! Follow the previous posts (and/or read the story from the beginning) using this label if you’re interested :) And I’ve finally started Chapter 2.

Etran had broken open the cupboard. And my mind was in its own battle.

Part of me wants to leave, but the curious part wants to see what will happen. Etran and the lady both say something quietly, and Etran poured a liquid onto the cracked window.

The cracks disappear and in another minute they reappear. Something tells me this is going to go on for awhile.

“Good luck.” I whisper, of course, they don’t hear me as I slip out. I stop at the entrance of the school and glance back. I have no clue if I will ever return here. I’m not even sure I will ever see Darius again. I push those thoughts away and step out.

Chapter 2

The trees loom above me, their dark shapes twisting into one. My hand tightens around the hilt of my sword as I set foot into the forest. The moonlight is my only source of light as I make my way deeper in. I hope to be well away from Keridan by the time the sun makes an appearance. The silence of the forest unnerves me, as though it’s holding its breath, waiting for me to sound an alarm.

And then, I hear it. A shout followed by a swarm of voices. They couldn’t have realized I was gone so soon, I think. But still, I run, stumbling over fallen trees. Branches whip at my face, but I don’t stop, I can’t get caught. I won’t.

After a good ten minutes of running, the voices grow faint and I drop to my knees. A stream gurgles softly beside me, and I crawl towards it, my lungs burning. I dip my hands in the water and splash some on my face. The cool water soothes me and I breath deeply. I scout the perimeter and decide I’ll stay here for the night.

I fill my water bag to the top and tie it around my waist. I eye a tree towering to the right of the stream and before I can change my mind, I grip a branch and pull myself up. Years of training in Keridan makes the climb easy, and soon I’m high up in the branches. Leaves cover me, and I’m certain no one on the ground will be able to see me. I only hope that I’m not bunking with spiders. A shudder courses through me as I imagine tiny little legs crawling over me.

Sunlight filters through the leaves and hits me in the eye. I groan and shift, and due to my stupidity I’m falling. Branches scratch at my face, my hands grapple for something, anything. And then I hit the ground. Pain racks my body and I close my eyes. This is probably the first time in my life, that I woke up so alert.

I wait for the pain to subside, and stagger to my feet. My throat is parched and I drink from my water bag, the coolness instantly thrills me.

My fingers find the reassuring handle of my sword and I flip my hood over my face.

I do my best to keep quiet as I creep through the forest. And after my legs begin to ache, I realize I should’ve taken a horse.

The Keeper never lets us leave the school grounds and for that I have another reason to add to my list of growing hatred towards her. The forest is beautiful. Red and gold leaves litter the forest floor and birds sing above my head. The tree leaves are a soft red with golden brown tree trunks. Rivers dot the forest, the place is breathaking.

But I am not here for sight-seeing. For all I know, Faye is in danger and here I am, staring at trees in awe. I shake my head and pick up my pace, I want to reach the end of the forest by nightfall.

Something snaps behind me and I whirl around, pointing my sword in the direction of the sound.

“Who’s there?” My voice carries out and to my surprise and delight it’s steady and strong. No answer. I take a step forward, one hand clutching a sleeping vial under my cloak.

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    Melissa (i swim for oceans)

    May 12, 2013

    I love how illustrative this snippet is! Well done! :)

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    Becky B. (Bibliognome)

    May 12, 2013

    Awesome post, I love the ending and like Melissa says above everything is really easy to picture.

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    Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom)

    May 12, 2013

    OOh I love the “my hand tightens around the hilt of my sword” and the forest seeming as though it is holding its breath!!!

    breathE deeply :)

    Ewww bunking with spiders! I like that use of words and of course it gave me quite the gross picture and made me feel as though I was in her shoes up there in the dark!

    Throwing out the idea to put a period after water bag, as your next sentence is great and would stand out more as a separate thought. Same with after “pick up my pace.”

    And… ACK! Who is there???? Really, Asma? A cliffhanger? :D

    Love it. Great descriptions. Can't wait for the next installment (WHERE IS POOR FAYE?)