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The Birthday Blog Hijack Alien Comes to Visit!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by on May 4, 2013

First of all, Happy MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU DAY!!! Woooohooo! Today it is PARTY TIME!!! [Okay, I suppose I should introduce myself.] I am the Official Blog Hijack Alien of Celebrations, and I’ll be your host today for this party. I’m also known as Inky from Book Haven Extraordinaire, and I come bearing happiness and sunshine. Why? Because sometime during this week, Hafsah celebrates her 20th birthday.

Yes, I know. SAY WHAT? But that’s no the point! The happy point is, that because of this momentous week, I’m here to bring the fun, jolliness and cupcakes to the party.

Anyway. We’re going to get right on with this. So since, Hafsah is turning a big age this week[20!!], we’re playing “5 Awesome Things About Hafsah”.

-She designs blogs. FREAKING DESIGNS BLOGS! 
Her incredible skill and talent is amazing. I look to up to her so much, mostly cuz Ihave my friend help and it’s never anything special. Way to go GIRLY!!

-She WRITES a blog
That alone is an awesome feat! Hafsah has some wonderful thoughts and I love reading all her fun posts throughout the week! And what’s doubly cool? Like me, her younger sister totally guest posts/co-blogs!

-She Writes BOOKS
Um, newsflash, writing is sometimes really painful and hard. And Hafsah is completely awesome cuz she’s amazing at it.! She’s a writer just like me [noticing a theme here?] and worked so hard on quite a few manuscripts. She’s a fantastic writer! She’s gonna go far someday!

-The Loves the Avengers
Okay okay, so this is our nerdy thing. We love the Avengers!!! Hafsah is so legit for her love of Avengers. It’s the cool thing to like love? them!! And you know what ELSE makes her love of Avengers legit? Because the afore-mentioned writing! Yeah, she’s combined these two loves. [psst. See HERE]

So much fun to chat with!!
I love talking to Hafsah, on gchat, email, Twitter, it doesn’t matter. Because she’s always so fun. She’s not rambunctious like me, but she is totally down-to-earth in her own way, and has quite the witty tug. I want to hug her and laugh so much during out convos have the time. She’s totally someone you should talk to if you’re looking for a friendly place.

And there you have it folks. 5 Awesome Things about Hafsah!!! But now I’m going to do something awesome. I’m going to show you a probably very real conversation you have or will had…….Avengers style. You are intrigued, this is good.

US = you, us, everyone
Hafsah = Um..Hafsah would be a good guess.
This is US staring at Hafsah’s awesome: 
This is us asking Hafsah why she’s that awesome:
This is Hafsah’s reaction to the question:
This is Us, reacting to this reaction:
Hafsah realizing this:
Us: “Okay well we have come to this conclusion:”
This is Natasha crashing the party….
The Official Blog Hijack Alien:
*cough* Okay. Well I have gotten carried away in Hafsah’s awesome, so I will take Natasha’s cue to leave. But just one last thing…..
The party food! Because a birthday is nothing without cupcakes!

So anyway, that is my short little HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out to the awesomeness behind this blog. So make sure you guys all leave her a hug and something awesome about her in the comments below!! <333 Inky/The Official Blog Hijack Alien

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