Weekly Roundup (IMM #130) — EMERALDS CHOSEN by FREAKBOYS

Welcome back! Here’s what happened this week – in books and posts:

Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier
Wake by Amanda Hockings
Lullaby by Amanda  Hockings
Chosen at Nightfall by C. C. Hunter
The Program by Suzanne Young
The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler
Hollow Earth  by John Barrowman
Stormbringers by Philippa Gregory
Freakboy by Kristin Elizabeth Clark

Thank you Macmillan, Simon & Schuster and St. Martin’s Press!

Here’s what you missed last week:

Asma reviewed APOLLYON by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Asma posted the releases of April 30th

Waiting on Wednesday – THE SOUND
2013 Standalone Reading Challenges – May Link Ups
I reviewed THE ELITE by Kiera Cass

What’s Next?MAID OF SECRETS won

Asma reviewed THE WARD by Jordana Frankel and ended up loving her first dystopian novel.

Hannah from InkyReads hijacks the blog for I have no idea what.
Not on my blog, but the incredible Lisa and Asma had a surprise celebration for my 20th birthday!


Hafsah Faizal is a YA author, designer, and blogger. Her designs have graced the sites of New York Times bestselling authors, bloggers, and more. She resides in Texas, with her family.



  1. Reply

    Bekka @ Pretty Deadly Reviews

    May 5, 2013

    Oh my gosh, The Program was amazing and totally broke my heart. I hope you love it as much as I did. It was SO good.

    I'm seeing Freakboy pop up in mailboxes today and I really wish I had requested it. I hope it's as great as it sounds.

    Pretty Deadly Reviews

  2. Reply

    Paula Hamand

    May 5, 2013

    Chosen at Nightfall is a very good wrap up of the Shadow Falls series!

  3. Reply

    Book Blather

    May 5, 2013

    I need to try CC Hunter and The Program. Freakboy sounds very unusual for a YA read, I hope you like it. Have s great reading week!

  4. Reply


    May 5, 2013

    Yay, Hafsah! I hope you'll love The Program. All of the reviews I've seen (about 5-7) have been very positive and I hope this book works out for you as well:-) I can't wait to see what you think of it! I hope you enjoy all of your books:-)

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

  5. Reply


    May 5, 2013

    Wake & Lullaby look great :) I'm very excited about The Program. Happy reading!


  6. Reply


    May 5, 2013

    Awesome Haul, I can't wait to read The Program! I want to read Wake & Lullaby! Enjoy :)

    My StS

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  7. Reply

    Jenea Whittington

    May 5, 2013

    Great books! Wake and Lullaby was really good, just finished the Program. Enjoy your new books.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever's Sunday Post

  8. Reply


    May 5, 2013

    Awesome haul girly!! :D So many pretty books! Oooh. The Program looks awesome!! Hope you love it! And isn't Emerald just so shiny? I can't stop stroking it. Me Gusta!

    <333 Inky

  9. Reply

    Dazzling Mage

    May 6, 2013

    Ooh, amazing haul! I really want to read A Book of Broken Hearts! Happy reading!

  10. Reply

    Christianna Marks

    May 6, 2013

    That's a great haul! I dig it!

    My STS

  11. Reply

    Julia :)

    May 9, 2013

    THE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS. YOU GOT THE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS. So jealous girl. Enjoy all your other amazing books too! :D

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick