Interview with Madison Louise – Author of SHADOW FUTURE – Plus Giveaway

Today, I’ve got a teen author who reached out for an author interview on IceyBooks. I can imagine how hard it must be to reach out to total strangers, so I couldn’t resist Madison’s request! Oh, and for a limited time, you can get the first book in both her series, SHADOW FUTURE and THE STORM, for just $0.99!

Shadow FutureIceyBooks: Pitch SHADOW FUTURE in a tweet.

Madison Louise: One future. But the OverShadowers won’t let her change it. But then she learns something about herself that shouldn’t be possible.

IceyBooks: No matter how great a plot may be, readers are always looking for a connection with protagonists. Tell us more about your protagonist, Pearl, and what makes her unique.

Madison Louise: I think a lot of girls can relate to Pearl, since she’s like a lot of girls in some ways, besides the fact that she isn’t human. She’s quiet, not sure of herself, or her life. Her “parents” tell her what she must to do. And a lot of girls have to deal with that sort of thing. I also wanted to create a heroine who would slowly develop, like a normal person would be. From scared, to brave.

IceyBooks: You’re a teen author writing YA – does that give you an advantage in the YA genre?

Madison LouiseIn some ways, I know how the teenage mind works, since I’m living as a teen myself. But when it comes to writing, and getting published, I have the same chances as everyone else!

IceyBooks:  Name one question you wish you were asked, and answer it.

Madison LouiseCan we turn your book into movie? YES OH HECK YES. ;)

IceyBooks: Give us the three:
-Movies you can’t wait to see:

Madison Louise: 
 1. Pirates of the Caribbean 5
2. Teen Beach Movie
3. The Lone Ranger

IceyBooks: Snacks you’re craving right now:

Madison Louise:
1. Blue berries with whip cream
2. Dark chocolate!
3. Salteen cracks with chocolate.

IceyBooks: Books you can’t wait to read:

Madison Louise: 
 1. United We Spy by Ally Carter
2. Hover by Melissa West
3. Allegiant by Veronica Roth!

Madison is a teen homeschool writer, writing away the stresses of life. She lives in Ohio, with her parents and her younger sister. She also loves to dance, (she’s a whiz at Just Dance) and reads as many books as she has time for. The songs she listens to be inspiration are from Disney Channel’s Camp Rockand Highschool Musical. Her computer is full of unfinished books. Her debut novel, Shadow Future, is about a girl who tries to find herself, and tries to get through life, as it throws it’s worst at her—paranormal style.

Find Madison on: Goodreads | Website | Twitter
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Shadow Future 

Pearl Underwood doesn’t have any easy life. When her mother died giving birth to her, she destroyed the way OverShadowers have lived for years. Now Pearl is branded as faulty, and could make it worse when she has her children. With her father gone as well, she is stuck with the other OverShadowers who look down on her.

When Pearl is caught running away, her Leader, Adskhan, surprises her by letting her have something she’s always craved:

Freedom. She will still need to get Fastened, the OverShadower’s way of marriage. But until the time comes, she can do as she pleases.

She is allowed to go to a school with humans, where she meets funny, kindhearted Max, who respects her for her.

Just when things are starting to look up, her abilities start acting up. With her Fastening Day just around the corner, Pearl is worried about what this means for her.

When Adskhan reveals secrets about why her abilities aren’t working as they should, Pearl doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

Will she make it through? Or is that shadow future for her?

And now for the giveaway! There will be two lucky winners – one US only, one international. One lucky US reader will receive a paperback copy of SHADOW FUTURE and THE STORM, along with bookmarks for each. One international winner will receive ebooks of both books! Good luck!

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