Story Saturday – Hallucinations

Hey guys! Me again! Follow the previous posts (and/or read the story from the beginning) using this label if you’re interested. I rewrote the last paragraph, and hopefully it’s more clearer. :D

It raises it’s weapon again and I wait for a hit that never comes. A meaty hand closes over the Arlons weapon and rips it away. And a second later the Arlons weapon slices clean through the shadowy creatures middle and cuts my arm. The attack wasn’t calculated, and that little piece tells me that it wasn’t Darius that saves me.

The Arlon falls and a strangled cry escapes me as a burning sensation makes it way from the cut through my body.

                     “The King doesn’t choose idiots.” A deep voice says, in an angry tone.

“Really? Maybe he overlooked you then.” I hear Darius say back.

“Will you two stop it? I think she’s waking up.” Faye. Alive and safe. I open my eyes, and slowly sit up. We’re back in the forest and a small fire dances and crackles. Darius and Faye are sitting on either side of me.
Shock makes it way through me, when I place the deep voice to the man from the dungeon. His dark hair shadowing his face. It dawns at me then, that this was the person that saved me before. I drop my gaze to his hands, sure enough one of them is wrapped with a black cloth.

“Dove meet Trine.” Darius glares at the man. “Also known as the biggest idiot to ever live.” He mutters before standing and dusting dirt from his body.

“I’m going to hunt.” He announces, then disappears into the darkening forest. Trine shrugs and sits down by the fire.

“What happened?” I ask Faye, the burning was no longer there and I feel fine so I’m guessing that they had given me a healing potion.

“Well… Trine saved your life and accidently cut you also. Then you passed out. Trine managed to get us out, since he works for the King and all. And the two of them started arguing for no good reason.” She sighs and scrunches up her face in annoyance. I smile, she was still the same Faye from before.

“He started it.” Trine says, his dark gaze on the crackling fire. The flames dance higher and surge

“Come on, let’s get you some water.” Faye helps me up and leads me towards a river. She sits down on the grass and pats the ground beside her. I drop down beside her and fix my gaze on the river. I know what she’s going to ask.

“What happened in the dungeon?” Faye’s voice is loud in the darkness and I wince before glancing at her sideways.

“I think that the Arlons can cause hallucination.” I say quickly, afraid that she would think I was crazy. Keridan taught us everything there was to know about the Arlons, but what if they were wrong? Faye’s thinking, her eyes take on an unfocused look.

“What are you two doing? You’re suppose to be with Trine.” Darius steps out from behind a tree, two dead birds and a rabbit in his hands.

“We..uh…had to do something.” Faye says and stands up, I follow suit. Darius shakes his head, before turning and walking towards our make-shift camp, Faye and I at his heels.

“So-” I break off when I see Trine. He’s leaning against a tree across from us, flames spewing from his fingertips.

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    Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom)

    July 7, 2013

    Your rewording, combined with the newest entry, make a big difference!

    I love how you painted a picture with the fire dancing and crackling, along with this: “She sighs and scrunches up her face in annoyance.” Great picture. :) Simple thing: tense– “I smile, she IS still the same Faye from before.

    Love the addition of Trine, and I'm looking forward to see what else he can do! (Not to mention, the tension between he and Darius is quite entertaining!) :D