Story Saturday – The Immortal Four

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Darius motions for us to keep silent, face hardening as he watches the man. The flames grow stronger and brighter, a look of concentration on his dark face.

“I knew he was trouble.” With a snarl he draws his sword and steps into the clearing, his sword aimed at Trine’s chest. The flames die and he sighs, a weary look flickers across his face.

“It’s not what you guys think, I wa-”

“Shut up. We weren’t thinking anything.” Darius cuts him off with a glare and waves his sword at him.

The two men glower at each other, neither wavering. I glance at Faye, who in return shrugs her slender shoulders. Darius has been moody ever since I woke-up, and it’s not very helpful.

“Let him speak, Darius.” My voice breaks the tension. If Trine could control fire he could get rid of us in seconds.

Trine meets my gaze, something shifts in his burning eyes and I wonder if we did the right thing trusting this man.

“Fine. But I ask the questions, and he answers. Properly.” Darius growls. “Who in the world are you?”

Trine doesn’t say anything, and I worry that Darius might attack him. Finally Trine sits down and stares at his hands.

“Decades ago, the seven Laons granted me and my brothers control over the elements. Fire, water, wind and earth. We swore secrecy and pledged to be good. Each kingdom has one of my brothers protecting it. But the balance between the kingdoms are tipping, and to save their own hides, some of my brothers are siding with the Arlons.”

When he’s done talking, the three of us are gaping at him like fools. The Laons showed themselves to no one. Seven sorcerers who had disappeared ever since the powerless humans showed up. The Immortal Four were nothing more than tales mothers told their children. But here was one of the brothers, studying us with interest. As though announcing that you’re an immortal man capable of wielding fire was an everyday thing.

“Uhhh… Look, I’m really sorry.” Darius mumbles and scratches his head, a look of regret on his pale face. Trine looks amusingly at Darius and Faye looks downs, hiding a spreading grin. I suddenly feel sorry for Darius, the same guy who could take out five trained men blindfolded.

Trine stands and rest his hand on Darius’s shoulder. “How about we cook those?” He asks, nodding at the animals that are limp in Darius’s hands. Darius shakes his head and the two of them sit beside the fire.

“So. I’m a master potionist, I’ve been captured by Arlons, and I’ve met one of the Immortal Four. All before sixteen.” Faye shakes her head with a grin. I can’t smile back – what if Trine works with the Arlons too?

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