2014 Standalone Reading Challenge Sign Ups

Here at IceyBooks, we’re excited to be going into 2014 as hosts for the THIRD session of the Standalone Reading Challenge. The first two years, we co-hosted the challenge with Britta from I Like These Books. This year, Britta will be taking a break (she might just come back!) and our good friend Lisa from Dizneeee’s World of Books will be your new co-host.

We’d like to welcome back all of last year’s participants. Whether you failed or succeeded (congratulations!), it doesn’t matter to us – we’re glad you’re ready to try again. For those of you who didn’t participate last year, well there’s a brand new year coming up and it wants YOU to participate. Find out more about the challenge and sign up below.

The Challenge

To read 15 Young Adult and Middle Grade standalone novels in 2014 released in the United States between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.

Eligible Books

-YA/MG standalone novels. This means that the book can not have an announced (sometimes sequels happen unexpectedly) sequel, prequel, follow up, etc.

-Companion novels count towards the challenge as well. Companion novels take place in the same world as a novel but usually follows the life of a different character. It can be read independently from the book that came before it.

Released between January 1 – Decemeber 31, 2014 in the United States. If a book was previously released in another country but is being releasing in the US for the first time, it is eligible. At the same time, if you live in a country where it was previously released, but it is being released in the states for the first time – lucky you – it counts.

-Must be read in 2014

-Can be read in any (legally) readable format: ARC, Paperback, Hardcover or e-book. Audio books do not count toward the challenge.

The List

For a list of eligible challenge titles to get you started towards your goal, please visit this Goodreads List (please note, the list is not comprehensive or final). You are more than welcome to vote for standalones you feel will fit the list.

Participation Perks

There will be a prize pack given away each month to a random participant. You gain entries into that month’s prize pack by linking up your challenge-eligible reviews. There will also be giveaways on the hosts’ blogs to go along with special posts with authors. And of course, there are random giveaways that we may throw in here and there!

Get Your VIP Pass

Sign up with a link to where you will be posting your English reviews.
This can be a blog, Goodreads profile (an SARC 2014 list would be better), Shelfari profile, Librarything profile, or Youtube channel.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and grab a button HERE!

Please sign up with the corresponding name to the place you link to. This is important for random giveaways and entries into the prize pack. Your name here must be consistent each time you link up to a review.

And of course, thank you so much for participating! We look forward to being your hosts.

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Hafsah Faizal is a YA author, designer, and blogger. Her designs have graced the sites of New York Times bestselling authors, bloggers, and more. She resides in Texas, with her family.



  1. Reply

    Rosie @ Paper Town

    December 23, 2013

    Yay this will be fun!

  2. Reply


    December 24, 2013

    Hello, I’ve a question: I’ve a bookblog, but it’s in Italian and I write my reviews in Italian. Isn’t possible for me to join the challenge? Even if I’ve a translation widget in the blog?

    • Reply


      December 26, 2013

      Sure thing! Thanks for asking!

  3. Reply


    December 29, 2013

    This sounds fun! It’s been a very long time since I’ve joined a reading challenge aside from the GR one every year.

  4. Reply

    Alaina @ ReflectionsofaBibliophilicBarista

    January 5, 2014

    Excited to give this another shot this year…. only managed to get one read in 2013. I’m determined to get to 15 this time though. Thanks for the challenge!

  5. Reply

    Bakersfield Guide

    May 8, 2014

    I love loking through an article that can maake men and women think.
    Also, thankks for allowing me tto comment!