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Fantasy Lands in Foreign Countries – GIF Post

Posted by on December 21, 2013

привет! Or in English: hello, people!

I love books that use different cultures and races and twist them into fairytales in far away lands, instead of overusing American cultures/settings. And while I love fantasy worlds, I do love a twist on the real world, too!

And these are a few of my absolute favorites:

Shadow and Bone 

SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo
What is there not to love about this book? I love how Leigh Bardugo tied in Russian aspects into this trilogy.


PROPHECY by Ellen Oh
Korean characters are deadly. Read it to see for yourself.

Tiger's Quest 

TIGER’S CURSE by Colleen Houck
Not the best out there, but it’s pretty good and has Indian culture tied in.

Any recommendations? Au revoir!

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  1. I love Shadow and Bone to death, and added the other two books to my TBR instantly! :D If they are anything like S&B, I will adore them.
    If you want to read about the real world, infused with heaps of magic, I suggest Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier. It’s set in Romania (you cannot get better than Romania), but is a fantasy novel, so there’s heaps of magic. It just so happens to be my favourite book, and it’s just plain made of win :D

  2. Ooo I have a good one! I just finished the first book and I cannot wait to start reading the second one.
    ‘The Search for WondLa’ by Tony DiTerlizzi
    The book of a trilogy and it happens in a land called Orbona, which we eventually learn is the world within Earth. Loaded with creatures of ginormous size, a young girl that was brought up by a robot in an underground sanctuary. The girl and robot were forced out of the sanctuary and out on the hunt for more humans.
    I’d definitely recommend it :)
    – Krys

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