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Pirates and Ships and all That is Awesome – A GIF Post

Posted by on December 14, 2013

Welcome back, mates.

We all love the rather infamous thieves that ride the high seas. Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Captain Hook. But there are some YA and MG books featuring pirates that I rather did love.


DEMONS OF THE OCEAN by Justin Somper
I loved this book, and although I only read the first novel, I’m pretty sure the series is amazing. And it’s a mixture of pirates and vampires – how cool is that?

Siege & Storm 

SIEGE & STORM by Leigh Bardugo
I really liked the ship part in this book – Sturmhound is awesome.


And as Rick Riordon says, “Lemony Snicket meets Pirates of the Caribbean, with a sprinkling of Tom Sawyer for good measure.” Now who would’t want that?

What are some of your favorite pirate books?

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  1. The only irate book I’ve read is Steel by Carrie Vaughn which was pretty good. Demons of the Ocean looks awesome! Must look that one up. Thanks for the Capt. Hook gifs. Keep them coming (: I wish they showed more of him on the show. I want some more romance! Although I understand that they are always in peril on the show so I kind of understand.

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