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Five Things Every Blog Needs

Posted by on March 17, 2014


These days, nearly everyone and their grandma has a blog. Whether it’s about cooking, movies, crafting, or something we’re more familiar with, books, there’s a blog about it. While blogs are well-known and well-used, there are certain elements every blog must have—and sadly, not every blog has.

Heads Up!

A header is the first thing a visitor sees when they stumble upon your site. It needs to be catchy, easy on the eyes, and more than anything, tell your visitor where they are. Your header image, even if it’s just simple text, needs to reinstate your domain address. It wouldn’t be consistent if my domain was and my blog name: Hafsah, the Girl. Right? Right.

Follow the map.

Every blog needs navigation. The essentials depends on what your blog is centered on, but a blog should at least have the following: Home, About, Archives (Reviews, if you’re a book blogger, or Recipes, if you’re a food blogger), and Contact. Having easy to find and understand navigation makes a reader more likely to click on them. And feel at ease—enough to come back again. No one likes coming back to a place where they don’t feel comfortable, or where they feel like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Get social.

A blog isn’t a successful blog without a marketing team. Your marketing team doesn’t have to consist of people. Instead, build your marketing team with tools. Namely, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc. Those are your marketing tools. They’re free, so why not use them? But just having them isn’t enough. You need to have links right up front and easy to see on your blog. No one likes to go hunting for information. Particularly publicists, agents, and those people who aren’t stopping by for leisure, but for business.

Eye candy.

Humans are visual creatures. Having a design that’s easy on the eyes will ensure your one-time visitor becomes a regular. Uncluttered sidebars are a must, and I typically prefer to go with one sidebar, rather than two. Choose whatever color you’d like for your design, but always have a nice, solid color, or minimal texture as a background for your content, along with a text color that compliments it. Purple background? Don’t use yellow text.


There are a number of comment/discussion plugins available on the internet. Some of them—most of them—are annoying. Using Blogger’s own system, and WordPress’s own system works just fine. It’s easy, does what it’s supposed to, and doesn’t have too many fancy schmancy elements, which you don’t need. People want to comment, nothing else. If a comment system requires me to go through spam filters, or reads like a form, I’ll usually just click out. There are thousands of blogs out there, don’t get lost in the crowd.

You don’t exactly need word verification either. If you take your blog seriously, you can weed out the spam every time you login. And if you login everyday, it will probably take you no more than ten minutes. Besides, Blogger combats spam, and WordPress has several plugins (namely Akismet) that automatically filters spam comments. If they can make your life easier, pay it forward and make your visitors’ lives easier, too. Disable your spam filter and watch your comment number increase.


There you have it! They’ve very easy, and very much essential. Does your blog have them all?

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  1. It really is overwhelming sometimes to keep up with commenting, visiting/commenting on other people’s blogs, and also keeping up social presence. But I totally agree with you all of these would for sure impact whether or not I will be a regular to that blog. I’m currently in the process of getting a redesign :D so fingers crossed!

    1. Awesome. A re-design is good for your blog, good for your visitors, and good for you—you’ll feel a renewed sense of ownership and desire to keep your blog running well!

  2. I completely agree, especially with easy navigation! There are some blogs out there where I literally don’t know how to get to one page to another. Great tips, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You’re right, I do appreciate when comment systems are easy. Captcha and having to log-in to random things can add a bit to my frustration haha

  4. Such simple things, but they can truly make the difference! It surprises me how hard some bloggers make it to follow them via Twitter, for example, or how many have these super complicated commenting systems that make me just say no.

  5. What a great post! I’ll definitely send my friends who are dipping their toes into the blogging world over here for this wonderful advice. Your blog is gorgeous, btw!

  6. This post is actually very helpful. Hihi I kind of started a blog too and your reminders really helped. Thank you! Btw, hate captcha too. Haha!

  7. These are great tips! I totally agree with them. Only a few things but honestly if a blog has these five, they’re good in my book. Really you don’t need anything snazzy as long as you have the basics. I’d prefer a simple and straightforward blog with all the bases covered over something extravagant that’s missing some of these.

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  9. Word verification is the devil. I actually feel my blod pressure rise when I visit blogs with it and make a mental note that that do. I might still visit those blogs but I keep commenting to bare minimum if ever just to avoid the hassle.

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